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September’s “Food For Thought” 2013

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You’ll be happy to know that, last I checked, the laws governing miracles have not been repealed. Moreover, manifesting miracles is not exclusive to a lucky few. They’re available to all who refuse to believe in the concept of “impossible”. After all, couldn’t “impossible” be simply read as “I’m possible?” Although the mechanics of creating […]

August’s “Food For Thought” 2013

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by Sam Sadat People often complain about lack of time and how there just aren’t enough hours in a day. But did you know you can actually create time? Did you know that you can slow time down? It is as simple as applying Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity to your everyday living! In simple […]

Food For Thought – March 2013

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Perception determines reality. Which is to say, how you perceive the outside world becomes reality for you. You perceive through your senses, but your senses are often undeniably wrong. After all, if you listened to your senses you would think that the Earth is a flat, stationary object. You would vehemently deny that the Earth […]

Understanding Money and How to Make a Lot of It

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Creating money is just like creating anything else in your life. It involves not being attached to it, and not giving it power over your life in any way. Failure to do so would bring scarcity into your life. The first step toward discarding a scarce mentality involves giving thanks for everything that you are […]

Take That Step!

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Just a few days ago, Felix Baumgartner took action and created history. From 127,000 feet above the earth, he parachuted to earth and was the first person in history to break the sound barrier without the use of any man made propulsion. Felix’s historic jump was 5 years in the making and he methodically planned […]

When Your Dreams Die

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It’s been said that there is not much to do but bury a man when the last of his dreams is dead. A person is as young as his dreams – for it explains why some people look old at 40, and others young at 90. As Emerson said, “We need not count a man’s […]