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Destined To Be Great

by admin

Are you a creative person? Yes, if you are motivated by the desire to achieve and no, if you desire to beat others. Try contending instead of competing, educating instead of promoting and encouraging instead of persuading. You’ll notice an increased ability on winning friends and influencing people in a positive empowering fashion. When I […]

Every Word Has Power

by admin

Every word has power. Words have power to direct your thoughts in any direction they choose. Look at the word mortgage. It means to pledge until death! And what do you think most people do with their mortgages? They keep refinancing until they die! Are poor and broke synonymous? Many think they are, but I […]

Expectations Lead to Disappointment

by admin

Never have expectations from anyone or about anything. Expectations lead to disappointments and disappointments make your heart grow old! Most of us are raised with the notion that expectations are natural and necessary. They are not. How does it feel when someone disappoints you? Do you not feel a little heart broken? Every time your […]