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Is It Possible To Be Happy?

by admin

You’ve heard the saying that money won’t make you happy. The truth is that it does! But what’s not properly explained is that it doesn’t make you very happy for a long time. It only makes you a little happy for a short time! Every person has a happiness set point to which they return […]

Expectations Lead to Disappointment

by admin

Never have expectations from anyone or about anything. Expectations lead to disappointments and disappointments make your heart grow old! Most of us are raised with the notion that expectations are natural and necessary. They are not. How does it feel when someone disappoints you? Do you not feel a little heart broken? Every time your […]


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September 2011 I remember a chapter in the bestselling book “The Road Less Travelled” by Dr. Scott Beck, in which he referred to laziness as the Original Sin. Well, I’m not sure it is but I am certain it’s the cause of much underachievement and low morale. Part of what makes a person sublime is […]

Stand tall, speak your mind, and believe in yourself…

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Start the New Year on the right track. Make a decision to be the master of your thoughts. What you think has enormous power over what you say to yourself and others, and what will eventually manifest: good, bad, or ugly! The real trick is to harmonize your thoughts, words, and actions. This harmony will […]