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How You Can Be More Creative

by admin

Life Mentoring Class on creativity; August 17, 2021 When was the last time you came up with a creative idea? This morning, yesterday, last week, last month, last year? What motivates you to be creative? Creative Thinking requires knowledge of all kinds of things, but knowledge alone is not enough. The real key to creative […]

Declaring yourself as a non-victim!

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Declaring yourself as a non-victim! There is no such thing as a well-adjusted slave. You need never be a victim again. Ever! But in order to function as a non-victim, you must take a hard look at yourself, and learn to recognize the numerous situations in which your strings are being pulled by others. Your […]

The Power of Emptying Your Mind

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Meditation is not about having a positive mind. It is about emptying your mind, getting quiet. Mediation is an important part of your spiritual process. I encourage you to meditate not just because it will make you more relaxed, but it will also bring you more peace, harmony, and even make you look younger. And […]

Rewriting Your Destiny, again… Translation of a Rumi poem by Sam Sadat

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Destiny could be rewritten again, perhaps this time with a better version again. A passionate new love story can be written again, with less sorrow and pain in the story again. Where did this belief came from that says, one can lose his life but cannot change destiny again? To affect your destiny, plant new […]

More Laws Don’t Make People More Honorable!

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I wish you all Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Holidays! My wish for the New Year is that our out-of-control lawmakers stop making more laws and allow the free market to take its course. It seems every time they regulate the industry with more laws, people find more loopholes to do business as usual. Isn’t education […]

The Power of Observation

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Did you know that your attention holds immense power? According to the latest findings in quantum physics, the mere act of observation can manifest predictable behavior. Repeated scientific experiment have come to the unequivocal conclusion that subatomic particles, like electrons, DO act like normal particles when observed or measured, however, when they’re left alone they […]