For over two decades, Sam Sadat has been using his knowledge and experience in the real estate investment world to guide others down the path of financial freedom and personal fulfillment. By creating a powerful educational venue, Sam’s Real Estate Club has helped thousands of people take charge of their financial future and lead happier lives. At each meeting, workshop and boot camp, Sam teaches sound investment strategies, real estate fundamentals, up-to-the-minute tips, and essential knowledge for personal growth.

Now, with, Sam is taking the insights he has gained throughout his life and putting them to work for you. Sam tackles the big topics and filters them down to what is most useful for your everyday life. By helping you discover your top priorities and providing strategies and affirmations that help manage the very way you think, Sam's teachings and discussions are designed not just to improve your daily life, but to discover your true inner self. Because your true self doesn’t need to think, it knows.